Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Good Morning Good News !!!! July 2, 2013

Good Morning !!!  And Welcome to JULY on Planet Earth !!!  We surez do gotz a nice planet, don’t we??

Us animals is up to lazing and playin in the sun !! 

And hiding from the rain.  And some of those water loving guys, are swimming and loving it. 
Us cats, we don’t so much like the rain, and we sure don’t like the water. 

The bad ducks like the water so much, some of them started playing in our DRINKING bowls !!! 
Now that’s just bad.  But to the ducks, one cats water bowl is their swimming pool.  So the nice hoomans have been buying more pools for the ducks. 

Dollar General has the purrfect size pools for sale right now.  They’re not real big so they’re easy to dump and clean out every day .... yeah even those ducks’ pools have to be sanitized for their protection every single day.  If you’re coming out to visit, could you stop in at a Dollar General and pick up one ... or two or three ... more pools?  They’re blue with a design and semi hard plastic and they usually sit out front on the sidewalk and they are $8 each!!  Thank you !!

Or you can give me the $8 and I’ll hook up the goat cart
and go to Dollar General and buy a pool for the ducks.  Honest, if you click right here ...... http://rikkisrefuge.org/donate.php   I’ll buy a pool, I won’t turn it into Fancy Feast!!

Help me put those bad ducks back in their own pools !!!

Do you like to eat lots of food when it’s so hot?  Naaaayyy, neither do we.  So we’re not chowing down as much this time of year.  But we do like sitting in the shade.  Do you like sitting in the shade?  In the winter we need the sun and in the summer we need the shade.  It’s a good thing we gotz da smart hoomans taking care of us.  They make up some good ideas sometimes. 
They put tarps over the top of the pens in the summer for shade and then they come down easy when winter comes and we want the sun again.  It took them a while to learn how to make the tarps hang just right so they aren’t falling down, or putting weight on the roof wrong and causing damage, and so they drain and don’t collect rain, cuz that gets heavy and dangerous.  And some of us use the tarps as sun roofs too !!!  

We need more tarps in the 10 x 10 or 12 x 12 size range.  The light weight ones work for some things, the medium weights are real good.  We don’t really need the super heavy weight more expensive ones for shade.  Big Lots sells taprs at a good price.  $4 for the little ones and $6 for 10x10 and $8 for 12x12.  Grab a few and bring em on out.  Or tell me to hook up that goat cart and tell me to go pick ‘em up for you  ..... http://rikkisrefuge.org/donate.php  ... I promise, I really promise to buy only what you tell me and not spend it all on Fancy Feast !!!

The piggies need some more good plastic watering troughs too. 
And so do the goats and sheep.  The piggies have short legs so they can’t reach the tall ones very well.  And some of the goats are just little and they have to really stretch for the bigger ones.  Now them cows ... you should see them lean over and suuuuucccckkkkk up about 20 gallons of water in one big long drink !!!   Right now ... in the summer sun ... it takes more than 300 gallons of water a day just for us all to drink !!!!   And that doesn’t count water for sanitation purposes!! 

The piggies and goats need really sturdy bowls, and really big bowls, they are only a foot high, hold 50 gallons of water  and purrfect for short legs and they cost $69.99 at tractor supply.  Piggy paradise and Capri Corners needs a few more of them.  If they’re too big for your car ...   just ask me to hook up to goat cart and pull the trailer along and pick ‘em up for you !!!   http://rikkisrefuge.org/donate.php

June was Adopt a Shelter Cat
             BUT have I got a DOG for YOU !!!!

Meet Tootsie

She’s a bundle of fun and in need of a GOOD home with YOU 1!

She's 8 years old, a jack russel mix, and very active, loves to give kisses, a really sweety!!  Tootsie needs some one who can give her lots of exercise.  She’s a very sweet little girl.

Tootsie had lung worms and that has left scar tissue on her lungs, so she coughs when she gets to worked up. 

She knows how to walk well on leash and must wear a harness because the collar alone bothers her throat and makes her cough.

Tootsie does not get along with cats or larger dogs, she’s been ok with dogs up to beagle size.  She certainly wants to be the boss!  And she can climb over six foot high fences!

With all those restrictions, her life isn’t much fun at Rikki’s and she spends most of her time in a cage for her safety.  You know, it’s just not smart to corner some of these big old cats and bark in their face when you’re not much bigger yourself !!!! 

Is there a place in YOUR life for her?

Oh are YOU coming on the July 4th Refuge Tour and Nature Hike?  Come and meet all of us and snuggle with ME !!  Send me an email at mail@RikkisRefuge.org and ask for a ticket reservation package ... I’ll get it out to you ASAP ....  you gotta be holding a ticket to get in the gate !!!  Space is limited cuz too many people scare us ... so tours are comfy and close up now and full of love !!! 

Up Close and Purrsonal - Visit the Neighborhoods of Rikki’s Refuge
Chicken City, Rabbit Rotunda, Cavy Castle, Pigeon Palace, Bovine Boulevard, Capri Corners, Horsey Haven,
Feline Fields, Piggy Paradise, Emu Estates, Doggy Downs, Turkey Terrace, and MORE ....
July 4, 2013 Thursday, tour at noon, Nature Hike at 2 pm
MUST have tickets to get in the gate --- email me now for Ticket Info -- mail@RikkisRefuge.org

See you on the 4th !!

And do me a big favor, would you?
Keep your pets indoors on the 4th.  They DON’T like fireworks and it scares them and many animals run from fear.  So many escape trying to find safety from the booming of fireworks ... that shelters are just full of lost dogs ... and cats ... the next day.  Please play it safe for your critters.

       Like Father                                                                             Like Son

Working hand in hand, day in and day out, to care for the critters of Rikki’s Refuge .... and we couldn’t do it without YOU!!  Thank you for your help.  http://rikkisrefuge.org/donate.php

Love you bunches,
           Vincent and Opie

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