Sunday, May 26, 2013

Good Morning Good News !!!! May 26, 2013

Does your life run on crock pot time or microwave time?  

When I was an itty bitty kitten I’d watch Vincent run the refuge in his spare time ... he’d mosey along ... chow some nums ... and somehow always keep nums on the table for every one ....  he’d have some nums and answer like 14 thousand 11 hundred and 92 emails and then mosey out to nap in the sun ... then have some nums and round up the funds to pay for six surgeries !!!!  

And it all looked so easy!!! 

Since I had to take over, like about a year ago, it seems like I gotz 3 seconds to do this and 2 for that and if I get to stop in for nums in between anything I’m lucky.  So that’s why I have to sleep next to the nums bowl at night and wake up and eatz all night. 

Don’t you believe no stuff you hear from mom and da hoomans bout my belly being too big ....  when Iz working at microwave speed for like four dayz in a row with no breaks for nums ....  I need that belly fat.  So I need you to help me tell her to STOP this diet.  I’m just wasting away ....  I’ve lost three whole pounds and that’s a lot of ounces you know.  It’s something like almost half a hundred ounces and that’s a lot. 

Is your to-do-list longer than your tail or do you cruise the house bored looking for another place to take a nap?

I keep finding things to add to that to-do-list.  Just seems to grow every day, finding new things to do round here to keep making Rikki’s Refuge better and better.

So tomorrow is called Memorial Day in Merica here on Planet Earth.  That’s a day we are supposed to remember all the hoomans and other critters too, who worked so hard and sometimes even died to make Merica a free and safe place for all of us to live.  Thank you hoomans for all your work and all you gave.  I preciate you muchly.

Memorial Day was first officially observed on May 30 in 1868 .... that was a very very long time ago ...  when flowers were placed on the graves of Union and Confederate soldiers at Arlington National Cemetery.   The northern states recognized Memorial Day long before the southern states joined in ... until after World War I .. when those lost were remembered along with those lost in the Civil War ... and it became a time to remember those lost in all wars.

In 1915 Moina Michael had the idea of selling red poppies on Memorial Day in honor of those who died.  The tradition caught on and spread from country to country. 

Red poppies makes me think of red kitties.  Lots of folks call us Orange Tabbies “red”.  We’re not really that dark ... but that’s ok.  I think RED is easier for hoomans to say then ORANGE. 

And did you know where TABBY comes from?  The word "tabby" derives from a striped silk cloth made in Attabiyah, a neighborhood of Baghdad in Iraq.  

AND I’m an Orange Tabby !!!!!   

And I hope you’re having a great Memorial Day Weekend !!!!
Love you bunches,
           Opie and Timmy

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