Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Good Morning Good News !!!! April 10, 2013

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Spring is here !!!!!
For sure this time !!  The windows are open, the birds are here, it’s beautiful !!!!

Every season has it’s work cut out for it.  Spring is time to muck out and change from winter style bedding to summer bedding.  Some lovely Girl Scouts joined us last weekend to kick off Spring Bedding !!!  Thank you !!  All the cat runs got changed out ... and nesting boxes scrubbed down and fresh soft bedding put in.  Straw is warm for winter ... but too hot for nice spring nights !!!

Spring is also Mud Control time ... yup, that means a LOT of hard work.  Some of it can be done with the tractor .... like the driveway.  We’ve gotten our first load of gravel.  It’s up to $400 a load now ....  YIKES .... and we’ll need at least 7 more load. 

If you’d like to help us fix problems like this that were cuased by the wet and freezing winter
You can donate a truck - or part of a truck if that’s better for your budget - full of gravel.  It’s easy ... just click:    You don't even have to drive the truck -- they'll deliver it for you !!!

If you’d like to help in a more up close and purrsonal way .....  Lots of areas that the tractor can’t get to need gravel ... and the only way to get it there is to scoop it up in buckets and carry it in to the right place and dump it.  We’re working hard to raise the level of Rabbit Rotunda now so it won’t stay wet on the south side for days after a rain and we can prevent flooding during the next rainy season. 

If you can help lift and carry a few bucketfuls of gravel ... please let me know !!!  Just drop us an email with the subject of “I’ll Move Gravel”.  It’s a great work out and it really helps the animals.

I’ve got so many pictures I want to share ... soon soon ... I’ll get the computer time to get them formatted and out to you ....  so many animals ... so little time ...

The Easter Service was really beautiful.  Thank you Theresa for such a lovely day.  Amidst prayers for the animals we did a guided meditation.  Theresa had us sitting in a field visualizing the animals coming out of the wood to talk to us  .... when we opened our eyes ..... cus Jon yelped when Sunshing jumped to his lap and dug her claws in .... there were birds ... I mean BIRDS ...  thousands of birds and dozens of species all around ....  It was really something.

April 13, Saturday, Gravel Life and Tour
I have room on the April 13th Gravel Lift and Tour for anyone interested --- tickets in advance $25 per person for this spring tour.  We’ll start at the Gravel Pile, load up a bucket full, and you’re lucky here, it’ll get loaded into a truck that will then meet us at the dump site, that saves us from walking ½ a mile with a 40 or 50 pound bucket !!!!    When we reach Rabbit Rotunda on the tour, everyone will dump their bucket of gravel into place !!!!  

If you come out early - must RSVP volunteer time in advance so someone can meet you at the gate - and you move 25 buckets of gravel before the noon tour --- I’ll refund your $25 ticket price !!!!

Tickets?  email with the subject of “April 13, Saturday, Gravel Life and Tour” and we’ll send you information and how to buy your tickets on line.

Great way to start your summer weight loss program !!!!

Speaking of weight loss
I’m on a diet ... cuz my doc said I was fat ...  I had mom convinced I was fluffy till I started having trouble walking .... then she put me on a diet.  So far I’ve lost 2 ½ pounds!!!  Are you proud of me?

Volunteering and working out at Rikki’s is great exercise.  Breathe the fresh country air while mowing grass, mucking out barns, scooping poop and MOVING GRAVEL !!!! 

I guarantee a summer of 8 hour workouts at Rikki’s every weekend will have you in better shape by fall or .... hmmm or ... well ... Oh I know .... Or I’ll waive the adoption fee on your favorite critter !!!!

Memorial Service
Vincent D. Cat and Candy Erhard Memorial Day
April 27, 2013 - Saturday
It’s a special day, with a Graveside Service and headstone placement for Vincent, Celebration of Life for Candy, special memorial tour and spaghetti dinner.   Limited space, RSVP and advance tickets a must.  Here’s the details about the day, lots of photos and a memorial story of Candy and Vincent.

If you haven’t received your ticket - they will be e-mailed - be sure to sign up today -- follow instructions in the above link.  Everyone needs a ticket ---- even if you’re volunteering for the event!!!  We need an accurate head count as facilities are limited. 

I hope you can join us for smiles and tears on April 27th.

This Message
is brought to you by Candy and Vincent --- they both had the best - smile, be happy, and make your future - attitude !!!! 

Next - a wedding !
May 4, Saturday, Rikki’s Refuge will be hosting our first wedding !!!   Wayne Morris - the world famous artist who designed our Vincent Ts and Vicki Gielen from Australia -- yes, the lovebirds who were visiting in February - will be tying the knot at a ceremony at Rikki’s

Stay tuned for details !!

Sampson needs serious help
Sampson was born with a birth defect affecting both knees.  He couldn’t walk, but instead crouched and hopped along.  He was getting along ok, but soon the bone rubbing on bone would cause problems .... and he couldn’t keep up with his friends ... he couldn’t jump ... he couldn’t run.

Early one morning at o’ dark thirty Valerie found Sampson sitting in the driveway in front of our gate looking very lost, alone and frightened.  Thank goodness he came to her instead of running off into the woods to a fate I don’t want to think about.

We called the shelter and reported a “lost” kitty ... though we knew he wasn’t lost --- see that beautiful long fur ... so much white fur .... on a cold drizzling morning you sure wouldn’t be that white if you’d been limping down the driveway ....   No doubt Sampson was dumped by misguided hoomans.

Three weeks ago Sampson had surgery on the first knee.  Though terribly expensive, he’s able to use it now and is feeling ... well half way better ....  Yesterday he had surgery on the second knee.  He’ll come home this afternoon for a long period of convalescing and physical therapy.

And then he’s got a huge bill to pay off - dual serious knee surgery -- yikes !!!  Can you give this little guy a boost and help him pay his vet bills?

Thank you !!!!
Love you bunches,
           Opie and Timmy

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