Friday, March 22, 2013

Laptop Experiment

What Kitties think Laptop are For ........ 

Random photos from the internet ....

HELP .. I desperately need 10 laptop puters NOW .... 
I have to run an experiment. 


Does YOUR kitty like YOUR laptop? 

Like to lay on it ....  

Like to lay on the keyboard when you're typing? 


Is it cuz it's warm .... 

or cuz it's "yours"? 

Help me find out. 

Mail working laptops to me right away at: 


Opie's Laptop Experiment
Rikki's Refuge
10910 Barr Ln, Rapidan VA 22733 


.... as soon as I get ten of them, I'll plug them in and leave them sitting around .... 

then I'll monitor their use and see if the one mom is typing on is used more often than the "unused" laptops. 

 AND after the experiment I'll donate them to Rikki's Refuge to use 

--- Lena would sure love a laptop that part of the screen wasn't burned out on, 


Mary would love one that didn't have keys that have fallen off, 

Valerie sure could use one ..... 

Hey this is one of those 

Feed Two Cats Our of One Bowl things 

..... cuz at a no-kill sanctuary you're not allowed to use that saying about birds you know !!! 

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