Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Good Evening Good News, December 18, 2012

Interesting things are a happenin’ ....
who’s that on the porch ....  ???  Is that ......

While touring our new facility, Rikki’s North ....  we felt eyes on us .... 

Our friends are everywhere !!!!!

    for the CHRISTMAS TOUR
....  noon on Christmas Day, see the new facility and meet the animals !!!  Have fun and share the nums !!!  One tour, promptly at noon, RSVP a must mail@RikkisRefuge.org, limited space, so sign up early.  With confirmation of your party, we’ll send you directions to the new facility, where the tour will start this year !!!!

Meet the animals WHO’S LIVES YOU HAVE SAVED !!!!
Please bring nummy nums to share on Christmas Day ...
and if you can’t be there .... please send a little something for us to fill their stockings with !!!
Thank you !!!   From the very bottom of our Furry Little Hearts .... we thank you for our lives !!!

Angel Trees
Katarina, Angel of the Angel Trees, writes in ....

Opie, Your Daddy and Uncle Paul are doing such a great job collecting from the Christmas Tree at Annadale Giant! So many cleaning supplies and nums are coming to the animals at Rikki's. You've got to give them lots of thanks and hugs ok? And tell your friends to stop by up there and leave you more presents under the tree! Giant at Bradlick Shopping Center 6980 Broddock Rd, Annandale Va 22003
Wow Opie look at what santa's helper Bonnie Kliamovich collected for you at Pet Supply Plus in Charlottesville! That is what 383 cans of cat food,114 cans of dog food, 228lbs of dry cat food, 124lbs of dry dog food, 20lbs of rabbit food, 29.5lbs of Guinea pig food, and 70lbs of Wild Bird seed looks like! Yippie! The animals are going to have such a great Christmas! Tell your friends they can still make donations at Pet Supply Plus all the way until New Years and Bonnie will keep collecting for them! Yay C'ville way to go!

Check the list to find the Rikki’s Angel Tree closest to you !!

Still got ?s on your Christmas List ?

Here’s three quick and easy ones !!

Rikki’s Logo Sterling Silver Pendants and Pins
for that Catastic Hooman or the most Dogariffic Person on your Christmas List ....
We’ll try to get it to your loved one by Christmas, but just to be sure they know you sent it, Me, Opie, will send them a very special email about the wonderful gift they’ll be receiving from you -- be sure to include their name and email address and anything special you’d like me to say !!!!
See all the details here !!!!

There’s just no better way to say it .....
I love you as much as life .... so I gave the GIFT OF LIFE
Somebody on your list is an animal lover, somebody on your list has everything they need, somebody on your list said, “give my gift to charity”, somebody on your list knows it’s better to give than to receive .....
And for that SOMEBODY SPECIAL give the gift of love !!!
Make a donation for the animals, for all of us, for the cats or the dogs or the pigs or .....
Make a donation for Duke, Petunia, Emily, Opie, or any one of us.
Tell me your loved one’s name and email and anything else you want me to know about them and any special message you want me to send them.  I’ll send them an email with our Christmas picture and a special note of thanks for being the kind of person that inspires others to be their very best !!!
http://rikkisrefuge.org/donate.php   Just tell me who to send your THANKS to !!

Make Everyone on your list PURR .......
with a quick pick ‘em up from Vincent and Rikki’s Roast

And now Let’s SING .....
Click and play the music in the background, while singing along with us

                     On the Twenty-First Day of Christmas
Look What Came to Rikki’s,

Twenty One 
Chickens a Cackling,

Puppies a Pooping,

Rebellious Roosters,

Litter Challenged Kitties,

Emus Escaping,

Dangerous Ducklings,

Peaceful Pigeons,

Peacocks Plotting,

Humans Helping,

Temperamental Turkeys

Pouting Pussies,

Crotchety Creaking Canines,

Grumpy Geese,

Kicking Kittens,

Guinea Fowl Freeloading,

Lizards a Lazing,

Guinea Pigs a Gnawing,

Elderly Equines,

Burly Bossy Bovines,

Rabbits a Mating,

and a Chukar in a Cherry Tree.

that makes OUR Christmas BRIGHT
Please put a penny in our old cat’s hat!

Thank you, Vincent D. Cat and Duke Thomas Peabody

And by the way ... if you just think all these things were made up and funny .... you gotz another think a coming ....  all these photos and titles come from actual experience !!!!  Stay tuned ... in 2013 the weekly show Rikki’s Reality will become a reality ....  you’ll laugh ... you’ll be amazed ... you’ll love ....

Love you great big whole lots !!!!  
               Love, Opie
Please click on my Daddy’s picture above to help us out !!
Every penny adds up and makes it all count to save a life !!!!
Thank you !!!!

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Jane said...

When I read about all that is happening at Rikki's right now, I am literally open-mouthed at how much it has changed in the past 10-12 years. I remember going to see Rikki's with some members of an animal rescue group I was volunteering with back in 2001 to get some ideas of how to manage our animals. It was a cold, nasty day, and the Rikki-ites were digging water lines by hand. They were really disappointed that we were there to observe, not help (and I don't blame them!) One of the people with me said on the way home, "Well, that wasn't at all what I expected" - and I don't think she meant it as a compliment. I wish I knew where she is now so I could bring her back and show off what all that back-breaking labor and worry and hope has brought about at Rikki's Refuge. Her organization should BE so lucky!