Thursday, August 09, 2012

Good Morning Good News, August 9, 2012

OK Quick like a bunny, gotta vote for Rikki's Refuge in the shelter challenge. 

Oh my gosh.  I think I'm in trouble.  We're not doing so goodz.  Daddy Vincent always won these contests with your help.  I'm way behind. 

Hurry hurry, help me catch up. 

Big inspection today. 

I'm getting a review about how goodz I running the refuge. 

I don't wanna get thrown out of here. 

Help me quick.  VOTE .....
And enter Rikkis Refuge, VA, USA 

...  Later guys.  I gotta hide my cat nip mice and things.  Oh gosh.  I think Timmy and me maybe be goof off and play kitten so much.  I hope I no gonna get fired !!!! 

You all vote now, OK?  Love, Opie

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