Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas at Rikki's Refuge

Merry Christmas Troops, we SUPPORT YOU !!!

And so we celebrate Christmas at Rikki’s Refuge !!

It’s Timmy’s first Christmas
he’s awed by all the excitement and gifts Santa brought.  Even after listening to all the tales of Christmas past that Vincent told him about, he’s just amazed at the kindness and generosity of his friends and supporters.

Timmy takes time to read all the cards from all his friends and to stop and wish each and every one a very Merry Christmas!  So many many friends!

Timmy wanted to take his time, opening each gift and savoring it ....

Vincent hunkers down and shows Timmy how to get on with it !!

Wow, a stocking of my own !!!!

Come on kid, no need to take all day, let me show you how it’s done .....

Peace and Love, Love and Peace, that’s what I wish for all my friends today!!

It takes so little to make so many so happy!!!!
We were such happy animals on Christmas!!!!   Santa sent his helpers
Jan Chetnik and
Laurie Karnay

and lots of others to help out!!!    We had a wonderful tour with lots of kind and generous people.

Mr. Mister, Vincent and Nora Eldridge are so happy about all the donations!!!!!

A whole truck full of cat food
And a whole truck of dog food

For Kiki and friends

Mick supervised sales of Soaps with our pictures, raffle tickets, and lots more

One cabbage means the world to a dozen guinea pigs!!

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