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13 Christmas Miracles

Rikki's 13 Christmas Miracles
made possible by

Born in a litter of nine, the only survivor.  Opie was born with no hind feet.  Several others in the litter were missing limbs, too.  This wasn’t mom’s first litter on the streets.  But thanks to your miracle, it’s Nellie’s last!!  She and her surviving kitten, Opie, have joined the Rikki’s Team. 
Just out of quarantine they’re learning their way around and getting to know the others on the Humane Team where they’ll be working.  Nellie is gentle and sweet and we’ve promised her that after all she’s been thru, she’ll never be separated from her surviving son.  She’ll be working as a Therapy Cat bringing joy to others, as you’ve brought joy to her.

Opie is getting around very well on his hind leg stumps.  He’s building up calluses so it’s not painful to walk ... and run ... and play !!!!  

Opie will be working with Vincent and Timmy, going to schools and events to teach Humane Education.

The Three Musketeers of Humane Education

has joined us for Christmas.  With only two days practice behind him, he’s still stepping gingerly, expecting that chain to snap him back at any time.  Elderly and declared "no good for hunting no more", he wasn’t expecting to be alive by Christmas.  He’s the kind of guy who’s grateful just for a kind look.  Who knows what his life was life before.  But we sure know what his life is like now, thanks to YOUR Christmas Miracle, Kennedy will celebrate his first Christmas tomorrow!!  And that won’t mean running thru the woods, risking being shot, if he can’t find a deer for his owner to shoot.

Precious little Sugar was born with neurological problems.  She may be hard of hearing and hard of sight too.  But her snuggle sensor and purr box sure do work!!!  Loving being held and loved for the first time in her life, Sugar is so happy to be a recipient of a Christmas Miracle, saved by YOU !!!!   We’re still evaluating her needs while she’s in her quarantine time.  Kids like Sugar love volunteers who want to come and hold and love without judgement.

“For real?  No more Puppies!!”  Your Christmas Miracle to Monrovia frees her from the physical strain of giving birth to 20 ... 30 ... 40 puppies every year.  Never again will Monrovia be judged by how many and how often she can reproduce.  Monrovia can spend her senior years free and lighthearted being loved and having fun.  We appreciate her for being who she is, not for how many puppies she can drop that can be sold for $20 each.

Lightning had been hanging around a subsidized housing complex for a long time.  Left behind by someone who’d once loved him.  A new resident took him under her wing when she moved in.  She loved Lightning and Lightning loved her.  With little means of support she couldn’t move to pet friendly housing when Lightning got caught in her house.  She put him back outside and fed him and visited with him.  Fearing eviction and no where to go if she took him in.  One day Lightning showed up with an injured foot.  She took him in to care for him, fearing that his limp would now make it more likely he’d get run over in the busy area.  Thankfully on the day when management found THAT cat in her apartment again and was calling the pound to do away with the offending creature, she talked to one of our employees. 

Lightning is now safely at Rikki’s Refuge.  Tough he’s not real impressed with having his injured foot soaked twice a day, it’s going to heal up and be just fine.  And the best news of all, is Lightning’s lady will be able to come visit him when ever she can!!!   Your Christmas Miracle here touched both human and animal!!!

“Food?  More food?”  Mercury can’t get over the fact that there’s always enough to eat!  She keeps checking out that food bowl and more keeps appearing.  She’s so hungry, she’ll eat anything, and any quantity.  She’s on many small meals now until she gets used to her Christmas Miracle, never again will she have to go hungry !!!!

Peanut Butter
You made it possible for Peanut Butter to come to Rikki’s a little over a week ago.  He’d been hit by a car, and his owners, unable to afford vet care, let him inside to lie on a blanket in the kitchen and see if he lived or died.  Three days later a neighbor was very upset about this.  She knew if she called the local authorities, Peanut Butter would be taken and killed.

Poor Peanut Butter has a bad break to his left hind leg which required surgery, several breaks in his tail and a lot of abrasions on his legs.  He’s now had surgery and is feeling much better.  He’s able to get up to use the litter box.  And he purrs non stop. 

This lovely boy thanks you for his Christmas Miracle.

just wants belly rubs for Christmas!  She’s so happy to be running and playing!!!!   “She never would settle down” and now that she’s sick, her folks just “figured it was time to move on, get rid of this one and get one that might work out better.”   Thelma has heartworms.  A totally preventable disease, if you just pay attention and give her one little pill a month.  Very few hunting dogs ever get medical care.  Many are lucky to get food. 

Thelma will start her heartworm treatment soon and thanks to your Christmas Miracle, Thelma will be looking for a real home of her own soon.  She’s young and healthy, except for the heartworms.

Prudence was just one more barn cat.  One more than they could stand “running round makin more babies”.  Your Christmas Miracle has saved her life and will allow her to live in peace as the feral kitty she was born to be.  Just no more babies!!!!!  Nobody but nobody is allowed to reproduce at Rikki’s !!!!

Virginia has only been at Rikki’s Refuge a couple of days, and she’s just learning that being with a human doesn’t mean harsh words, kicks and slaps.  Shy and very gentle, this old gal thanks you for her Christmas Miracle of a home where she’s cared for and loved. 

Was a recent arrival at a managed feral colony.  Old and blind in one eye, the caretaker told the speuter clinic to just off him.  The doc there didn’t think that was fair.  Thankfully your Christmas Miracle to Rikki’s, made it possible for Sylvester to come and join our feral kitties, where he’ll make new friends, have all he wants to eat, and a cozy place to sleep.  We appreciate our seniors and think they deserve a lovely retirement!

Getting old and tired from producing puppies as fast as her aging body could, she just couldn’t keep up and do her fair share this hunting season.  Deemed “worthless”, it was only thru your Christmas Miracle, that Glenda was fortunate enough to make it to Rikki’s Refuge.  Without Rikki’s, her fate would not have be a happy one and she wouldn’t be sleeping tonight with dreams of sugar plums dancing in her head!

These 13 animals were able to join Rikki’s Refuge in the last few days ONLY because of your Christmas Miracle gifts to Rikki’s Refuge.  I hope you have a very Happy and Merry Christmas knowing that you directly supported and saved these animals, who without you, would not be here to celebrate Christmas this year!!!

The amount of work we can do, the number of lives we can save, is unlimited as long as your kind and generous support is unlimited !!!! 

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