Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Rikki's New Culpeper Store

Looks like we'll get our store after all. I NEED YOUR HELP! I gotta cute stuff to sell! It will be in an antique/craft/collectibles mini mall. Our theme will be ----  can you guess?  ANIMALS !!!!  Cutesie wootsie cool things. Can't sell ordinary yard sale stuff here (we do want a regular old fashioned thrift store too ... but that's still someday. And we do yard sales too).  Do you have any nice knick knacks or neat stuff we can sell to raise money for the animals? It's in Culpeper at 29/522 - details when it's all set up!!!

CONTEST CONTEST CONTEST ----  I need a name for my store!!  It's in the Minuteman Minimall in Culpeper and everything Rikki's is alliterative, like Rikki's Refuge, Feline Fields, Doggy Downs, everything except Vincent Cat!!!  So what can I call my store?  We used to have a thrift store called Rikki's Rags and Relics, didn't have enough volunteers to keep it running.  So who can name my new store?

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