Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Farewell Tommi

Tommi passed away Sunday morning after spending all but a few months of her 13 years at Rikki's Refuge.

She originally came as a group of four from the Fredericksburg SPCA, shy puppies, not able to be adopted. Until a week before her death she lead a very happy healthy life. Though she rejected (wanted to eat) any roommate and had a kennel to herself, she seemed happy and enjoyed running and playing in her run and the playground.

Being half short lived giant doggy, St. Bernard, and half long lived smaller dog, beagle, 13 years was probably an expected average.

She passed away from intestinal cancer.

Not one to remain idle, as soon as Lena returned from the burial, she said, "More doggies, please?"

Knowing what a struggle Beth's having at the Orange County Shelter in these times of little money and many animals being dumped and doing her darndest to remain no-kill --- and because we fully believe in working in our own backyard --- Lena's dreams were soon fulfilled.

Five new hounds are now happily playing at Rikki's. Our runs are huge, and though Tommi's personality necessitated she be the only occupant in her run, they are certainly large enough to save several lives at once.

The most personable of the gang is Moose, a great big huge adorable old bloodhound!! Just wait till you meet him.

All of these are candidates for adoption events. One even has excellent training, but hates living indoors.

Some may even make the grade to mascot. I'd love to see Moose running around. With a set of antlers around Christmas time ......

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