Friday, March 25, 2011

Save Your Pet's Life

Too Hot for Spot?
Dog Car Safety Thermometer

$10.95 plus $1.95 shipping per piece.
Total with shipping per piece is $12.90.

Tested and APPROVED by
Vincent D. Cat of Rikki's Refuge

Hello MY Dear Friends, I spend a lot of time traveling to schools and groups teaching humane virtues. This means a lot of time in a vehicle. So I know how hot it can get INSIDE the vehicle, even when it’s nice OUTSIDE. So often I see doggy friends left all alone in vehicles in the parking lot, panting and drooling. That’s cuz they’re too hot.

When mom saw this thermometer just for doggy, we thought it was the best idea we’d ever heard of, so we got some to try out. YES YES YES me and mom, we endorse this product 100%. So much so that we decided to help spread the word and get them into the hands of every dog owner.

Every vehicle should have one. Not just to protect YOUR doggy - but to help other doggies too. If somebody parked near you sees YOUR vehicle advertising that it’s TOO HOT FOR SPOT we hope they’ll stop and think and not leave their doggie in their vehicle.

These are wonderful gifts for all your friends. Fabulous to have for your shelter volunteers. An absolute must for all transport drivers. And if you have a few spare bucks to spend to help doggies, keep some in your vehicle and stick them on vehicles where you see doggies left alone in a vehicle.

I recommend you buy at least one to keep your doggy safe!

Love, Vincent

$10.95 plus $1.95 shipping per piece.
Total with shipping per piece is $12.90.

Technical Details: The hard part of the thermometer is almost 4 inches in diameter and at the thickest point almost 1 1/2 inches thick. The clingy soft plastic extends about an inch all the way around. It really sticks well to glass. Hot or cold. Just press on and peel off when ever you want, over and over. It’s the same kind of material they make stick on window decorations out of. Attach to a stationary window, or be sure to remove before rolling window down!

This unique thermometer with its fun artwork is designed to raise awareness of dog car safety and bring attention to the possible hazards of leaving pets too long in a vehicle or any enclosed area during any season.

The thermometer provides pet owners with real time information to make intelligent choices when traveling with their pets. It also serves as an educational tool by raising awareness.

Clings automatically and works instantly!

Please join us in our quest to keep all of our beloved pets
happy, healthy and safe.


Peel off package - press on inside of vehicle window!

Works instantly! Clings automatically!

Alerts you to the temperature inside your vehicle!

Quick & easy to read for your pet’s comfort!

Buggz from Rikki's Refuge says:
Your pet may love to go for a ride, but…
Cracking the vehicle's windows is not enough.

Even if it's cool when you park, vehicle interiors heat up in minutes.

$10.95 plus $1.95 shipping per piece.
Total with shipping per piece is $12.90.

"Every pet owner needs to be aware of the dangers of any enclosed area, especially cars and trucks on warm days. On an 80° day, temperatures in a parked car can reach 120° in ten minutes. Awareness is the key and this thermometer will certainly help."
—Murt Byrne, DVM
New Mexico
Veterinarian of the Year, 2009
Santa Fe, New Mexico

"Few things are as tragic as the loss of a pet to heat stroke. If you travel with a pet, you need this thermometer!"
Dr. Eric Delmar, DVM
Graduate University of Georgia

Here’s what the Inventor has to say:
Living in the desert southwest of New Mexico and working for our local veterinarian, I am constantly amazed when I hear stories of pets being left in vehicles and succumbing to hyperthermia/heatstroke. Suddenly, one day, I had an epiphany! What if there was a device that could raise awareness to this issue? Thus the research began and I went to work developing the IS IT TOO HOT FOR SPOT? static cling window thermometer. This thermometer is designed to give pet owners real time information to make intelligent choices when traveling with their pets. This visual aid also serves as an educational and safety tool for non pet owners. We are happy that the idea is being embraced by a cross section of individuals, from pet owners, breeders, pet shop owners, automotive supply stores, pet safety instructors and veterinarians.
Please join us in our mission to keep all of our pets happy, healthy and safe!

—Denice Pruett/Inventor & Owner
Copyright © 2011 Too Hot for Spot?. All Rights Reserved.

Fido Friendly Magazine Endorses Too Hot for Spot Safety Thermometer

$10.95 plus $1.95 shipping per piece.
Total with shipping per piece is $12.90.

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