Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Guaranteed NOT to Grow Miniature Piglet Available for Adoption

This little pink guy comes with a 100% guarantee that he will not grow any larger.  Adorable, palm sized little piglet, absolutely guaranteed not to grow up and dismantle your home.  Little Paul is a very light eater so he won’t eat you out of house and home.  Very well mannered and trained, Little Paul excels in sit and stay.  Never has he pooped outside his little litter box and we guarantee he never will.

How often do you have the opportunity to adopt that purrfect pet!  Guaranteed to never be sick.  No vet bills - ever!  Food bill less than $25 a year!  Will never go outside the litter box - guaranteed!  Will never grow, get sick, grow old, or die!!!  The absolutely purrfect pet!!!

Available to YOU today!
Click on Paul, the Purrfect Pig!

Ok, so seriously now,
YOU don’t need a pig of any sort living in your home.
BUT you’re really very happy that Rikki’s Refuge is here to do the caring for the homeless piggies who grew bigger than advertised and who did root up their houses and who got abandoned. 

Help us care for the Piggies of Piggy Paradise.
Sponsor a pig today!

$1 will care for one pig today!
$10 will buy fresh snuggy bedding for one week for all the pigs!
$25 will feed all the pigs today!
$50 will provide fully for one pig for one month!
$100 will provide worming meds for the piggies for one month!
$250 will provide flea and lice protection all summer!

Click here to be a PIG HERO today!

And if you’re feeling especially generous
and really want to help the piggies
and the hoomans
who care for them, for $449.99 you can buy a wonderful 40 gallon power sprayer on a wheeled platform, that will make it so much easier and quicker for the piggies to be protected from nasty red piggy lice all over their bodies and hateful orange chiggers in their ears.  These stinging, biting, itching bugs love to live on our piggies. 
Piggies can’t clean them off themselves very easily.  Never seen a piggy grooming their belly have you? 

This sprayer is on sale this week at Tractor Supply.  Our hoomans have been swooning over such a product for years.  All summer long the piggies and their habitat, need to be sprayed to keep the buggies from biting the piggies.  It’s absolutely necessary to keep the piggies feeling comfy and to keep them healthy. 

Right now, the hoomans have to carry around a yard type one gallon sprayer (they’ve tried the 3 gallon ones and it’s to heavy to cart all about the farm), pump it up and then press the trigger to do the spraying.  Oh my gosh are their arms tired and their hands throbbing at the end of spray day!!!

Not only will you be helping the piggies and the hoomans, all the animal neighborhoods need to be sprayed for parasite control every couple weeks, and there’s not a hooman who wants the job!!  Feline Fields, Doggy Downs, Chicken City, Rabbit Rotunda, all need to be kept free of the particular parasites that bother that species.  The hoomans draw straws and the loser has to be the sprayer for the day!!! 

A lovely power sprayer, easy to transport, not needing constant filling and mixing, would be an absolute blessing for every single creature, no matter the species, at Rikki’s Refuge!

Oh my gosh if you had $449.99 to spare you’d make so many of us so happy.  Me too, cus my yard would get sprayed quicker, so we’d be locked out less time, and mom would have more time to love me and she wouldn’t be whining that her hands and arms were so sore she couldn’t pick me up and carry me around!!!!  

$449.99 is like so much money for us.  I’ve been saving my pennies for years and I’m no where close to buying this wonderful present for mom and the hoomans!! 

If can possibly spare it - gosh - I promise to LOVE YOU FOREVER!!!!

Click on the sprayer, this week on sale for $449.99

A Precious Journey at Rikki’s Refuge
From Piglet to Hooman to Kitty to Pig!!!!

Prince was born a pig.  Prince was born to a mother pig in the usual way.  Prince was very small and his mom probably thought he wasn’t going to survive.  Bella, his mom, was very young and probably didn’t understand what being a mother was all about.  She was scared.  Prince had two siblings who were regular size.  Bella was scared of them.  They tried to nurse and Bella screamed and ran away.  Prince was too weak to try and nurse. 

Hoomans had to step in and nurse the babies to save them.  After a few days Bella began to nurse the two bigger pigletts.  But she wouldn’t nurse poor little Prince.  And so the hoomans became Prince’s mom.  Prince grew up on a bottle.  Soon he was tromping thru mush and slurping it up. 

Pigs are wonderful pigs.  They have many habits that are wonderful for pigs.  When hoomans see other hoomans doing nice pig things they call those hoomans, pigs.  You think of being slobby and spilling your food all over being piggish.  And if you went to the buffet dinner with friends and one ate and ate and ate, you’d call him a pig, and if after eating he decided to roll around in the left overs, you’d really call him a pig!

Well Prince was a pig and even though he was raised as a hooman, he was a pig and he’d roll around in his food bowl.  He’d dump his water bowl and mix in anything that’d much up nice and he’d roll in it. 

And as Prince grew into the size of a kitten, his mom still didn’t want him.  Prince was playful and Prince needed playmates.  If the pigs wouldn’t play with him, who would?  The kitties!!!  And so Prince moved in with kitties and they all played and ran together.  Try as he would, he never got the hang of climbing up poles.  As often as they watched in shock as Prince rolled around in the water bowl, the kitties would not.  But run and play and ambush, they would.  Curl up and sleep together they did.  Prince was a kitty.

Soon Prince was debunking the myth that miniature pot belly pigs stay small.  They eat.  They grow.   Prince was destined to be a couple hundred pounds.  Spring was coming.  Prince didn’t know about mud.  But he learned!

With the first good hard rain of the season, Prince learned to run and slid and to play and to root in the mud.  Once that nose discovered rooting and Prince discovered it was the coolest thing in the world --- he didn’t stop.  He didn’t stop to eat.  He didn’t stop to sleep.  In 48 hours this is what the kitty run looked like!
Just 48 hours before this pig sty had been a lovely grassy area!!!!   Now it was dug up holes, mud ponds, and churned up mud.  Not a blade of grass was left.  Prince was very happy and just loving his new environment.

The kitties were devastated.  They didn’t want to go out and play in all that mud.  They wouldn’t go outside and play, they stayed inside and watched Prince thru the window. 

Prince was very proud of himself - he was doing what big boy pigs did!!!
And now it was time for Prince to join his own kind.  Piggy Paradise here comes Prince.  But he can’t move in directly.  Pigs, like most animals, are territorial and they form cliques and family groups, and the new guy on the block is likely to get beat up.  So for now he’ll live in a pen next door to Piggy Paradise.  This is very new and fascinating for Prince.  He’s never known his own kind.  Every time the hoomans tried to get his mom to be nice to him, she’d push him away and snarl at him. 
Prince is fascinated learning to talk pig latin and learning pig body talk and about all the new exciting things he can learn as a pig.  Finally, after being rejected by him mom, thinking he was a hooman, then thinking he was a cat, he can really reach his full potential being exactly what god put him here to be - a beautiful wonderful PIG !!!!!

Churn up that mud my lad!!!!

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