Sunday, December 26, 2010

Shelter Pets WIN !!!!!

Readers’ Picks from 2010

The results are in! It was a close call, but cute and cuddly for a cause squeezed past the grand finale of the Nature of America series to take the title of Readers’ Pick for 2010. Here are your top five:

winnerAnimal Rescue: adopt a shelter pet

“These cats and dogs show real character. The designer did a great job bringing that out!”— Patrick Scroggin
“Because the stamps are beautiful, and they bring awareness to the needs of shelter animals. Of course, the dogs and cats were just so charming, too. I love every stamp issue. This one, though, grabbed my heart.”— Janet Kalmadge

Nature of America: Hawaiian Rain Forest

“It seems that every time I look at the Hawaiian Rain Forest stamp sheet I find something new. From the tiny mushroom below the Jewel Orchid to the spider and flies below the ’Apapane.” — Jamie Carusone
“I have always enjoyed the artwork of the Nature of America series. I will miss it.”— Dorothy Scott Fielder

Sunday Funnies

“The Sunday Funnies stamps were vivid, expressive, and paid real homage to the cartoonists who created these beloved characters. Each stamp in the collection summed up the nature of each strip perfectly. They are real little works of art celebrating an American tradition!”— Allegra

Abstract Expressionists

“I just love the many choices of paintings that were included. I have very modern design taste and it was so refreshing to see modern design rather than the more traditional design choices usually available for stamps. Please continue to offer more modern design stamps, and thank you for offering this one.”— Rachael Irwin

Cowboys of the Silver Screen

“These stamps brought back memories of loving cowboys when I was young! Rogers, Autry, Mix and Hart were very worthy heroes for any kid growing up years ago. Great collection of stamps!”— Larry W. Coleman

They may still be available at our local Unionville post office.
I'll get you a sheet and mail them to you for $10 (USA, higher for foreign)
that's $8.80 for the stamps and $1.20 for s&h
be sure to include in comments, which stamps you want, the quantity, and your shipping address!
Contact me for more info.

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