Monday, June 22, 2009


For those of us back here at the salt mines, Kathy very kindly sent an update on the Richmond Vegetarian Festival. Here's how it went for the OCAS gang:

We got one small mixed breed dog adopted. Hurray!

Wiley, a gentle senior hound up for adoption, didn't find his forever home at the event.
Wiley is about 8 years old, neutered, all vet work done. He walks well on a leash and enjoys walking -- he walked around the park so much yesterday, that he was too tired to get out of the crate when we returned him to the OCAS around 8:00 pm last night. He is VERY gentle. Gets along with other dogs. We were walking among Pitbulls, Akitas, Chihuahuas, kids, people in wheelchairs -- and Wiley was fine around all of them.

Wiley is a happy wanderer, however, and needs to go to a home that won't let him out unattended. I have photos if anybody is interested. Or, go to the shelter and check him out.

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