Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Two Beagles Need Homes

Two Beagles Need Homes
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Alison Nakanishi is the originator of this email. It was forwarded to me by Beth Hamilton, please contact Beth if you can help.

About a month ago while riding in Sandy Point State Forest we found two beagles who had been dumped there. They were starving, just skin and bones, so we brought them home. They are healthy now and have been treated for heartworm and had all of their vaccinations but we cannot keep them. Unfortunately these were hunting dogs and so have not been socialized or trained as pets which makes it very difficult for them to be placed. I have lost count of the number of rescue organizations that I have contacted and everyone is full. My local animal control in Hanover will take the dogs but only to put them down. Since we have already invested considerable time, effort and money we do not want to see them just thrown away. Besides, they have already suffered enough as I am pretty sure besides being starved they were also abused based on their fear of people. They are very cute dogs, 2 males, around 2 yrs old who deserve a chance. We have named them Corky and Lenny after our favorite deli in Cleveland where we moved from last Sept.

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