Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The Cats Have Made Another Demand

They no longer feel water bowls are adequate for them. They realize that in the early days they were lucky just to have their lives saved. But now they've grown spoiled. And they are demanding more and more luxurious environments. Ron, Director of Serving Cats, works his fingers to the bone (well, what's left of them after Angel chews on them) trying to improve and expand their accommodations. Now those horrible beasts are demanding waterfalls instead of water bowls. They are threatening to go on strike and use anything but litterbox if we don't accommodate them. Please, we need your help. Those who have, what we call “accidents”, are bad enough. But if they all start deliberately doing this, we might be up to our eyes in you know what ….. I guess taking Vincent with me to Lowe’s was a big mistake. He is demanding a waterfall in every cathouse. Lowe’s Home Improvement only $199

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