Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Wayne and Nanny at JC Penny

Wayne and Nanny at JC Penny
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Nanny strolls thru JC Penny at Fashion Square Mall in Charlottesville on her way to kiss the manager.

Jan is a Natural Winner

Jan Wins Again
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Leave it to Jan. When she’s offered a new and exciting way to help Rikki’s Refuge, what does she say? “YES!!!” Jan was the first to make a donation (substantial at that) using our new credit card acceptance program. We’d just gotten it approved. I’d just finished printing the forms out Saturday morning and rushed them over to Deloris for Rags n Relics. While I was there explaining to Deloris how to go about filling out the forms, Deb showed up to volunteer. She was the first with the opportunity to try out this new, exciting, high tech, giving option, but skeptical she was, with a “Yeah Right” comment. I was disappointed not to have one of our special people to spotlight as the first giver of this program. I left Rags n Relics with my tail between my legs and slank back to Rikki’s Refuge wondering who’d win that Spotlight Position as the first new Credit Card Donor.

Soon Jan showed up with a huge load of delicious produce for the pigs and rabbits and guinea pigs from Healthway Natural Foods. I showed her the new forms and offered her the chance to be the first VIP donor and guess what she said? “YES!” and she whipped out her credit card and made a very generous donation in Memory of Buddy the Beagle and McGruff (a former Rikki’s Refugee who’d been adopted by Mariza).

Thank you Jan for always being there for the animals.

So for those of you who want to make a donation via credit card but don’t want to use paypal, whip out a sheet of paper and write down the following for me or pick up the phone and call and tell me:
the date
the amount in US Dollars that you wish to give
exactly as it shows up on your credit card:
Your full name, card number, type of card, expiritation date and that three digit secret code off the back
exactly as it shows up on your billing statement:
Your full name, address (including zip and all that), e-mail and phone number
sign it and send it in to:
Rikki’s Refuge
PO Box 1357
Orange VA 22960

How simple! How rewarding! How wonderful for the Animals! Thank you Jan for setting the example!

All of us at Rikki’s Refuge, two legged, three legged and four legged think Jan Chetnik is a real winner. She’s always going that extra mile for the critters. As Rikki’s Official Tour Director, she’s in charge of setting up Tours and Open Houses. As Rikki’s Education Director she’s in charge of changing the future. As Rikki’s Public Relations Director she’s that warm fuzzy link between Rikki’s and the outside world.

Deadline August 31, for Ukrops, Benevolink

If you use your Ukrop’s card or any services associated with Benevolink, tomorrow is the dead line to give your earned dollars to the charity of your choice - Rikki’s Refuge, of course. Benevolink has replaced the Golden Gift Certificates for Ukrop’s. Log on to Benevolink,

and take it from there. If you’re at all computer literate you can follow it. Search for the charity of your choice. I entered Rikki’s Refuge in Virginia and we came up just fine. The full entry is Life Unlimited of Virginia, Inc / Rikki’s Refuge, PO Box 1357 Orange VA 22960. If you haven’t entered your Ukrop’s card info or signed up with Benevolink I’m sure you’ll have to do that now too.

Here’s the directions I got in the e-mail Benevolink sent me

YES - I want to give my funds! Go here to give

Don't know how to give your funds yet? It's quick and simple, learn how today!

Haven't chosen a charity yet? Choose one or more today!

Go to search at

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Thank you for giving your Earned Dollars to Rikki’s Refuge.