Monday, August 28, 2006

Hanky Panky ??? With Chickens ?????

Why !! I Never ....... How could you accuse me??? ME ???? I’ve never been in the chicken house. Why!! The nerve of you to even think !!!!!

Rikki’s MULTI SPECIES Sanctuary has mysteries unfolding every day

As the birds grow ... the plot only thickens ... we now fear they may be Ferckens. To quote from the only source we can find, “The Fercken is believed to be an unusual cross between the feral cat and the owl. Scientists believed this to be impossible, until recently, when an entire breeding flock was discovered in the Piedmont section of Virginia. Untamed, these creatures can be exceedingly dangerous. They combine the ferociousness of a feral cat, with the stealthy hunting abilities of an owl. They have never been observed in captivity. And due to their dangerous built in weaponry, vicious feral attitude, and ability to not only claw and bite, but their penchant for flying into one’s face and plucking out the eyeballs of their victim, no scientist has yet been willing to manage a flock in captivity. Unsubstantiated rumors abound of a reclusive mountain man found living in a cave in the Shenandoah National Park who had a captive flock of Ferckens. Several nesting sites were found in and around his cave home. As the National Park Police surrounded his site two other bearded men were seen loading what appeared to be cardboard boxes into an older model black SUV. They were not apprehended. While residing in federal prison, awaiting his trial for living on National Parkland without a permit, the hermit, who will identify himself only as The Bird Man, babbles on about the importance of taming birds while they are young so they do not attempt to take over the world. He sits in his prison cell and watches “The Birds” over and over, day in and day out, begging everyone he comes in contact that they must listen to him if they are to save the world. Psychologist who had spoken to him, say it is just the ravings of a mad lunatic. Scientists who have studied his cave site insist there is no fear that he was raising the dreaded Ferckens as all scientific evidence points to nesting habits of perfectly normal chickens. “