Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Kenny gets a bright idea

Posted by Kerry from FLICKR

Peering down, they could see plenty of water. But getting the water out, and into the faucets, at a reasonable rate of flow, was the problem. They walked around, they scratched their heads, they discovered a 16 foot ladder would not do the trick (Have you ever noticed, boys can't estimate the length of anything?), they searched for tools and ideas. The surface of the water was 20 feet below the ground, the bottom of the well 10 feet below that. The jet pump sat at 30 feet, 10 feet below the surface of the water.

Now diving in 10 feet of water is not a problem, but when the tunnel leading down is only 3 feet in diameter, and you go down feet first, you can't see what you're doing. And if you go down head first, without a scuba tank, you have an even worse problem. Until they felt the water on their toes, no one believed me it was a cool 55°. Coming from 100° plus on the surface, they swore it must be 40° down there.

While they were searching for tools and ideas, Kenny found a fishing pole in his truck, and some silly ideas.

As Rikki's Refuge is a no kill animal sanctuary, fishing of any sort is prohibited. Any fish living in our well, would be welcome residents, and safe in their habitat. God help us! We’d have to shut the well down as protected habitat!!!

You'll just have to come up with another idea boys . . . . .