Monday, July 17, 2006

Caring for disabled pets

Visitors to the refuge know me as a personable guy. I'm full of life and get into everything. I've been a surrogate father to orphaned kittens and I have many daily responsibilities as a mascot cat.

Awhile back I was in an accident that left me with only 3 legs. That was bad enough, but after the accident I couldn't control where I relieved myself -- in other words, litterboxes have no meaning to me.

I usually get one of two reactions: the first group of people are afraid of me and steer clear, while the second group wants to pity me. These people frustrate me a lot. But every now and then a volunteer or visitor will see through my physical limitations and get to know ME. I think these people are the best thing since tuna fish.

Living with a special needs pet requires some adjustment. (I know, I was sent to be euthanized when my former family didn't want to make the adjustments). We've found some useful websites to help families with pets who are deaf, blind, paralyzed, missing limbs, or dealing with OCD.

Messy Beast has info on disabled cats:

Deaf Dog Education Action Fund (info for deaf, blind and visually impaired dogs, dogs with OCD and more):

HopperHome: Disabled Rabbits --