Thursday, August 10, 2006

Look what they pulled out of the well!

Posted by Kerry from FLICKR

man in well

They didn't find any fish down there, but look what they did pull up!
Twenty feet was the longest ladder they could find. They lowered this to the bottom of the well, with a rope. Now it was only a 10 foot climb, down the stone lining of the well, to the top of the ladder. And if you fell . . . . Some rope was acquired, and a harness was built. Then they drew straws. On this sweltering afternoon, the winner would be the swimmer. Kevin was the winner!

He donned the harness and was lowered to the top rung of the ladder. He slowly climbed down the 10 feet to the surface of the water. We all knew when his toes first hit, because he yipped from the iciness of the water. More obscenities gestured forth. The whole time they were getting set up, they continued to run the well, in an attempt to drain out as much water as possible. So standing on the bottom of the well, the water only rose to Kevin's neck, instead of 4 feet over his head. Definitely better, but still very awkward to work it.

The ladder was taking up too much space at the bottom of the well, preventing Kevin from being able to bend over, and do any work on the pump head. He was ready for some sunbathing anyway. The ladder was pulled out of the well (after Kevin). After more water was drained out of the well, Kevin would have to go back in, with only the harness, all the way to the bottom . . . .

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